CPS Awards

The CPS Awards Committee accepts nominations November - February of each year: 

Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes a psychiatric colleague who has, in some way, made an outstanding contribution to the field of mental health. 

Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a psychiatric colleague whose distinguished career is drawing to a close. 

Rising Star Award recognizes the achievements of a mid-career psychiatrist.

Eligibility: Any member of the psychiatric community is eligible, although members of CPS should be given primary consideration.  The individual should have distinguished himself or herself in some way that contributes to the betterment of psychiatry with regard to diagnosis, treatment, research, funding, teaching, advocacy, administration, or consultation. 

If you previously nominated someone who did not receive an award, you are welcome to re-nominate them for consideration.  Nominations are made by filling out the short nomination form.


CPS Award History


Lifetime Achievement - Brandt Steele, M.D. and Robert Miller, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - David Iverson, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - Stephen Dilts, M.D. and Lewis Barbato, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - Steven Dubovsky, M.D. and Michael Gendel, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - Edmund Casper, M.D. and John Lightburn, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - Jeff Metzner, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - Joseph Jensen, M.D. and Richard Simons, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - R. Carl Clark, M.D. and Robert Freedman, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - David Starrett, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - Joyce Kobayashi, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - Robert Emde, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - Claire Zilber, M.D. and Jeremy Lazarus, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - Cynthia Rose, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement - Bert Furmansky, M.D. and Marshall Thomas, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement – Jonathan Ritvo, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement – Marianne Wamboldt, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement - Joanne Ritvo, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement – Elizabeth Cookson, M.D. and Robert M. House, Jr., M.D.



Lifetime Achievement – Frank Guerra, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement – Jennifer Hagman, M.D. and Kenneth Weiner, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement – Michael Gendel, M.D. and Richard Warner, M.D.

Outstanding Achievement – Doris Gundersen, M.D.



No Awards Given



Outstanding Achievement – Randall Buzan, M.D. and Michael H. Allen, M.D., Laura Michaels, JD



Lifetime Achievement – Stephen Allen, M.D.



Outstanding Achievement – Patrick Fox, M.D. and Richard Martinez, M.D.



Lifetime Achievement – Jeffrey Metzner, MD and Joel Yager, MD

Outstanding Achievement – Hal Wortzel, MD



Lifetime Achievement – Robert House, MD, Robert Feinstein, MD and Kenneth Weiner MD



No awards given due to pandemic 



Outstanding Achievement - George Kalousek, MD and Patricia Westmoreland, MD

Rising Leader - Anna McDowell, MD